Year: 2014

For more than two decades Barry has rented his basement apartment to his irascible and independent tenant, Teddy. These old men are an odd couple, whose tenuous friendship is sorely tested. When Teddy's behavior starts to become erratic, Barry begins to monitor Teddy's exploits and concludes that his friend is showing signs of dementia and must find a solution as a landlord and a friend. Their testy relationship evolves into a compassionate expression of caring for one another that demonstrates we are never too old to learn the lessons of unconditional friendship.

Taylor Guterson, the writer and director of Old Goats, returns with his second film that highlight the talents of actors, Bob Burkholder and Britt Crosley.



Year: 2014

23-year-old, blind jazz pianist, Justin Kauflin, is one of the many students of 89 year old, jazz legend, Clark Terry. Over the course of four years of filming, diabetes begins to take its toll and Clark begins to lose his sight and bonds with Justin through their love of music and life. While Justin is seriously tested in an elite international jazz competition, Clark's health takes a turn for the worse, as we become witnesses to two friends tackling the toughest challenges of their interwoven lives. Quincy Jones becomes one of the heroes as a longtime friend of his former teacher and the champion of a young emerging talent.

The film was made by a former student of Clark Terry and a first-time director, Al Hicks; produced by Quincy Jones and Paula DuPre' Pesmen (The Cove and Chasing Ice).

Distributed by Radius/The Weinstein Company




Year: 2013

Michael J. Willett is a contently closeted gay high schooler who’s outed by a “gaydar” app, only to find that every teen queen will vie for his affections in pursuit of the ever-coveted prize of being her “gay best friend". 




Year: 2012

This heartfelt and hilarious dramedy tells the story of improbable friendships among three older men, who refuse to go quietly into the night of retirement and old age. Directed by Taylor Guterson, Old Goats has enjoyed sold out screenings, critical acclaim, and enthusiastic audience response at theatres nationwide.

Distributor: Music Box Films




Year: 2010

This powerful nineteen-minute documentary by Academy Award Winning Director, Steven Okazaki, focuses on the lives of five oxycontin addicts in Northern California.



Year: 2010

ShadowCatcher’s first feature documentary focuses on the world of the extraordinary artist, Ginny Ruffner, whose reputation is well-established in galleries, museums, private collections and public art installations around the world. But it is her indefatigable spirit that has influenced so many in and out of the art world. Working out of her legendary studio in Seattle, Ginny’s imagination, creativity, perseverance, and generosity make her a force of nature that leaves an indelible impression on everyone that comes into her life.

Directed by Karen Stanton.




Year: 2007

When his Seattle company sends 32 year old Todd Anderson to an Indian call center to train his replacement, he is understandably less than enthusiastic. But the tale that unfolds leaves our young hero very much changed, as he experiences the odd and the ordinary in a country that has more to teach Todd about life than this young man could ever imagine. This original romantic comedy by George Wing (50 First Dates) and writing partner/director, John Jeffcoat, stars Josh Hamilton and Ayesha Dharker.

Foreign Distribution: Cinemavault

Domestic Distribution: ShadowCatcher Entertainment





Year: 2007

This early 1940's drama weaves a rich story of a Japanese-American family, whose love of family, country, music and the game of baseball helps them survive the indignity and injustice of the internment camps. Desmond Nakano (Last Exit to Brooklyn, American Me) is the director and co-writer.

Distributed by Warner Bros.



Year: 2005

This "Hoodoo in the Bayou" psychological thriller is written by screenwriter, Ehren Kruger, and directed by Iain Softley. A hospice nurse (Kate Hudson) is working at a spooky New Orleans plantation home and finds herself entangled in a mystery involving the house's dark past. Also starring Gena Rowlands, John Hurt and Peter Sarsgaard.

Production Companies: Universal Pictures, ShadowCatcher, Ent.

Distributed by: Universal Picture



Year: 2005

Nicky is living the dream: his new drama opens on Broadway the same night that his beloved Boston Red Sox play the New York Mets in the sixth game of the World Series. All he needs is a good review from New York's famous critic and a Red Sox victory to win the World Series. Firmly convinced that neither will happen, Nicky learns through friends and strangers that life can be full of surprises. Starring Michael Keaton, Robert Downey, Jr. and Bebe Neuwirth, this indie dramedy was directed by Mike Hoffman (Soap Dish, One Fine Day, Some Girls) and written by Don Delillo.



Year: 1999

Mary Stuart Masterson, Jena Malone and Delroy Lindo star in this hauntingly beautiful story of two sisters, who are torn between their love for each other and the realities that confront them. Through the creation of a magical book, the younger sister offers the promise of hope and redemption in a world that seems to provide neither to those most in need.



Year: 1999

17-year-old Judith McIntyre is waiting impatiently in an upstate New York bus station with her older brother, Wesley, when she meets Jimmy, a quirky storyteller. As the two troubled strangers create stories about their fellow travelers, they discover that in the process of fantasizing about the lives of others, they are forced to expose hidden truths about themselves. Written by Lisanne and Trstine Skyler, with Lisanne directing, the film stars Bebe Newirth, Heather Mattarrazzo and Zach Braff.



Year: 1998

ShadowCatcher’s first production weaves a tale of fathers, friends and forgiveness that captures the Native American experience with this powerfully universal story. Winner of the Audience Award at the 1998 Sundance Film Festival, the script was written by Sherman Alexie, directed by Chris Eyre and stars Adam Beach, Evan Adams and Irene Bedard.

Distributed by: Miramax Films