Fearless beekeeper-healer, Mel Durant risks everything running her illegal safe house for young, undocumented border crossers as her melting pot community navigates the uncertainty of new federal policies with humor and hope.

This 60-minute drama is set in sanctuary city, Santa Fe and the Navajo Canyonlands. New Age meets the Old West as themes of immigration, ground-zero environmental crisis, the search for family, home and refuge are infused with the magical realism of one of America’s oldest Hispanic and Native communities.

The sounds of Native rock, borderland and protest music, and the buzz of bees fuel the story of this remarkable woman who is a catalyst for the lives around her: a conflicted ICE agent, an overextended mayor, an abducted “illegal” girl, a young Navajo rapper, and an irritable ghost.

Relevant, compelling TV, THE HIVE will ignite conversations across a diverse, multi-generational audience asking questions about the state of our national culture and how we live together in this increasingly divided, yet interconnected world.

Writer: Susan Winter
Co-creators: Susan Winter and David Skinner
Executive Producer: Jane Charles





Susan Winter directed, co-wrote, and produced the critically acclaimed independent feature, POUSSE CAFÉ. Her current projects include screenplays Herculine and Orange City, several book projects, and The Charge of A Star, a play about the final days with her friend, Hollywood blacklisted director, John Berry. Winter is a member of the WGA.

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David Skinner is Executive Producer and President of ShadowCatcher Entertainment. He has produced quality, independent films for twenty years such as Outsourced (adapted to an NBC comedy) and Smoke Signals. His Broadway theater successes include recent Tony Award Winners, Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away. Skinner’s part-time residency in New Mexico generated the inspiration for THE HIVE.




Jane Charles' producing credits include the award-winning film, SOLD (with Oscar-winning Director Jeffrey D Brown and Executive Producer Emma Thompson), Once In a Blue Moon, Fat Kid Rules the World, and Five Dollar Cover for MTV Networks. Charles is currently developing and executive producing high concept TV series and film projects. She is a longtime spokesperson against child trafficking on international panels including those at the United Nations and The Nobel Peace Prize Forum.

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